What we offer

We recognise that every horse and every human is unique. Our goal is to help you to identify the best approach for your specific situation and to help you gain a better mutual understanding and stronger relationship with your equine partner.

We recently relocated from the UK to Cyprus. We continue to offer remote support to new and existing clients worldwide.

Online services:

  • Lessons/coaching
  • Rider confidence building
  • Reward-based training principles and liberty/trick training help
  • Behavioural assessment
  • Behavioural problem solving
  • Horse behaviour/cognition lessons and lectures – learn to recognise body language, understand herd dynamics, and learn how horses think about the world
  • Stable management consultation
  • Horse sales/purchasing consultation

For Cyprus residents, we also offer (in-person):

  • “Horse empathy training” workshops
  • Behaviour lectures/workshops
  • Clinics

Please get in touch to discuss any of these possibilities or to find out how else we may be able to work together.

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