I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your help! I’m just impressed and so grateful for all your knowledge. You’re helping fill in the gap.
F, Mississippi, USA

cob-on-roadHaving worked with Combination Horsemanship before, they were the first I thought of to help back my little cob. They really work with each horse individually, only asking as much as the horse is willing to give and then rewarding while ensuring the horse is willing to work in a human partnership and actually wants to do whatever is asked from them. They backed my boy bitless and initially with no saddle so no force or contraptions were used. The result is a very willing youngster who loves being ridden and is relaxed and responsive even on roads alone being passed by big busses etc. So a big thank you to Combination Horsemanship. L, London, UK

Thanks for the training tips on how to get my horse to round and work in an outline. I tried them out and he did very well! This will definitely help our progress. We did it at the trot and at the walk, and he was stepping under himself a lot more and was much more forward. He seemed to enjoy the riding more today than usual too.
H, Alberta, Canada

From only just eating out of your hand, to actually touching her, to getting a rope round her neck, then a headcoller, getting her to lead, load herself in a horsebox (when she is terrified of small spaces and has had bad experiences being transported) and then into her new stable. Combination Horsemanship did every step thoroughly, making sure that she actually wanted human contact and was happy and willing to do everything they asked of her. They spent as many hours and days with her as she needed and taught her to go into the horsebox without headcoller or leadrope or any pressure, just by rewarding her for each specific movement or step forward – it took 7 hours but was definitely worth it. This wild mare is now settled at her new stable and pokes her head out when anyone passes her stable looking for attention. Many horse trainers failed in trying to halter break this gorgeous mare before Combination Horsemanship. They were her saviour and I’m hoping they will continue to work with her for each new step of her journey.
T, Hertfordshire, UK


Totally recommend Combination Horsemanship. I bought a wild mare a few months ago. Totally unhandled and not halter broken (I was not told this when I bought her). Due to the lack of proper facilities, I have had various trainers whose methods did not suit my mare or the field she was in (fencing isn’t the best). She injured herself jumping the fence due to excess pressure and did not know what they wanted from her. Within 2 sessions, Di and her helper got her standing to be stroked on her shoulder and neck. They tried various methods before really finding one that suited my mare. They adapted and my mare stayed calm and was taught to look for human contact and see being touched as a reward. After showing me exactly what to do and correcting my attempts, I was able to see what signs to look for and what things to encourage and I can now stroke her happily. Within 2 days she went from a totally untouchable, frightened mare who I was doubting I would ever be able to touch to a horse that walks up to me and stands as if to say ‘come on, stroke me’. I love how they consider the horse’s point of view and work with them as partners instead of forcing them. I will definitely be asking them to help throughout my horse’s training. T, London, UK

Your advice worked wonders for my mare who didn’t want the bridle on. Thank you!
L, Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK

Thank you so much! I feel like my head is packed full of so much new information!
P, Mississippi, USA

Thank you so much. I would have never thought of any of this! Again thank you. I’ve got a lot of spare time to work with him but I’ve never really known what to do.
G, Swansea, Wales