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Reliable ongoing support and guidance to help you achieve your personal goals
Quick, easy and cost-effective

First 30 minutes FREE. No obligation, no commitment.

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How does it work?

Your first 30 minutes of distance consultation are completely free and we don’t need any personal details from you. There is absolutely no obligation to continue.

You can outline your situation and we will discuss how to proceed.

We will let you know when the free 30 minutes are almost up.

If you decide you would like to continue with the consultation after the first 30 minutes, we will take your PayPal email address and send you an invoice which you can pay using PayPal afterwards. (If you cannot pay using PayPal, we can agree to your preferred method.)

After the free initial 30 minutes, the cost of a Distance Consultation is £15 per hour

After the consultation, we will send you an email summarising any important points so that you don’t need to worry about remembering details and can concentrate on the conversation.

What are they for?

Distance consultations enable you to discuss your horse’s progress or just bounce ideas off someone who can offer friendly and insightful tips, support and guidance. We are always happy to hear what you’ve been doing with your horse(s) and understand that not everyone has the same experience or confidence and it’s ok to ask questions!

We are happy to help you with simple one-off queries as and when you need us or you can schedule regular consultations. With ongoing or repeat consultations, we can discuss and monitor your progress and work together to help you achieve your long-term goals. We will work on breaking things down into achievable steps so that you can work with your horse in a way that is positive for both of you.

Going through what you have been doing with your horse and how to proceed from there can be extremely helpful and can put your mind at ease if you are a bit unsure of the direction you are taking. Even if you just want to discuss your own confidence or how to improvise with the facilities or equipment available to you, a distance consultation may be just the thing. We can offer support on a wide range of topics including starting youngsters, backing and retraining, management decisions, rider confidence, behavioural problem-solving, ridden issues, groundwork and a range of different training methods.

These consultations give you a chance to think through your own approach as well as helping you to prevent and catch any minor issues before they develop into serious problems. Consultations can also be helpful if you have been grappling with a specific problem and are not sure what to do next or if you feel like you’ve reached a ‘dead end’ or encountered a major obstacle and would like some ideas that will work in your specific situation.


Distance consultations are charged at £15 per hour.

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