We can help with

Behavioural problem-solving
Tacking up, the farrier, loading, clipping, catching, spooking, napping etc
Starting and ridden issues
Backing, rider confidence, going “on the bit”, responsiveness, jump refusals, ‘strong’ horses etc
Lunging, long-lining, in-hand work, liberty, trick training and more
Management and health
Choosing tack and equipment, routine, enrichment, diet etc
We offer reliable ongoing support and guidance either online or by phone. Discuss and talk through your goals with a friendly professional. We understand that every horse is different, not everyone has the same experience or confidence and it’s ok to ask questions! Read more
Discuss your goals with us and we'll create a bespoke training plan tailored to you and your horse that offers detailed advice that you can refer to as you strive to achieve your aims independently. We will break things down for you to make the plan easy to follow and understand. We also offer ongoing support should you have any questions or your goals change. Read more
We can also come to you! Sometimes having someone “on the ground” is the best way to assess and address your goals. Discuss with us to figure out which option is best for you. Read more
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