What is Combination Horsemanship?

An approach to all aspects of horsemanship
Positive methods
Apply Empathy, Patience and Persistence
Recognise that you and your horse are unique individuals
Select and combine the best techniques
Choose from old and new
Backed up by current research

For more information please see the article What is Combination Horsemanship? on our sister site, Good Horse.

Who we are

Combination Horsemanship was founded by Di (Dee) to promote a style of training that recognises the individuality of horses and humans and aims to nurture more fulfilling partnerships. You can read more about us here.

How can I get help?

There are a variety of articles and other resources available on our sister website, Good Horse and our Facebook page.

Alternatively, you can contact us right now with any questions you may have and see how we suggest you might like to proceed.